About Us

The Cambridge University Austrian Society (cuaus) is an association of Austrian students aimed at both connecting Austrian students at Cambridge University as well as providing a gateway between Austria and Cambridge. This means we organise meet-ups (“Stammtische”) amongst Austrians and affiliates and events aimed at promoting Austrian culture in Cambridge. We also frequently host speakers from Austria to give talks to Cambridge students.

To see the schedule of events for this term, please visit the What’s On section of this website.

Another important part of our mission is to ease access to the University of Cambridge to any students which are talented enough to get in. For more info, please go to Prospective Students.

Being situated in what is practically a breeding ground for future leaders in business, politics and the arts, we also see it as our responsibility to promote Austria as a place to do business. As an effort to attract young talent into Austria, we do work towards promoting Austria as the place to be in the eyes of Cambridge students. Yet doing so requires some financial means as, for example, hosting speakers and providing them with accommodation and formal dinners can be expensive. For this reason, we are actively searching for support to provide us with the means of promoting Austria effectively. For more info, please go to our page on Sponsoring.